Thursday, July 10, 2014

Herbs are stronger than they appear!

In an attempt to control my raging hormones naturally, I turned to the supplement aisle and picked up a bottle of Black Cohosh. After reading about the effect it was supposed to have as well as the potential side effects, I thought I was prepared and started taking one capsule in the morning. At first, nothing much happened. My period started two days are beginning to take the Black Cohosh, and it was mild, no cramping or terrible hemmoraging. This is great, I thought. Here is the thing, Black Cohosh acts like a muscle relaxer on me, one that builds up gradually in my body.

By the fourth day I felt like I was on a continuous mild drunk and would slide off into sleep with little warning. While trying to do basic household chores I banged my knee into the dryer door, hard. After grabbing a frozen bag or peas out of the freezer, instead of hopping to the couch to place it, I slid down to the floor in the dining room. By now it was clear that this was not the supplement for me.

It acted like Xanax on my body. How could I go to the gym when I could barely lift my arms? Today was the first day of five that I have not taken it, and with the help of one nap I'm doing okay. Back to the drawing board I guess. My sister suggested taking half of the capsule. For now the plan is to let it dissipate from my body so I can get back to normal, see what happens with the next few days of this period, and maybe try again with hald the dosage in three weeks.