Saturday, April 30, 2011

Workout of the day

Zumba fit my schedule better the Spin, so took that first. Then Squats 2x4x95, 3x3x95. Deadlifts, 1x5x135, 2x2x145. Pretty decent, not quite the reps on the 95 lb squats I was expecting possibly due to body squatting in Zumba or maybe just not ready. Deadlifts felt good. Considering penciling in two Zumba classes a week, making the weekly workouts, two lifting sessions, both heavy, two Spin classes and two Zumba. I'm also curious about the climbing for adults, really want to do it but don't want to screw up my lifts. We'll see.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Squat and deadlift goals met.

Last night I squatted 4x4x95- finally using some decent sized plates! This has been my goal since starting to lift and when I was stuck at 65 for what felt like forever it was depressing. Trying to do 3x5xweight with perfect form got me hung up on details, so I loosened up the programming a bit, allowing myself to do fewer reps when I increased weight while also paying attention to form. This allowed me to go up. As long as I take care of recovery this weight should be possible for 3x5x95 on Friday. Topped out deadlifts at 2x2x150, planning for 2 sets of three on Friday.
Tonight is Spinning, increased cardio to shed some fat. The cardio goal is four times a week and I'm flirting with the idea to learn Zumba. People love it, but I've found the classes to feel like an audition for a Broadway show, an audition that I fail miserably. Too bad there are mirrors all over the walls at the class, that is probably a big part of the problem. Also I heard a rumor that there are adult climbing wall classes, now that is interesting.

So, this week tonight Spinning, tomorrow light squats, overhead press, power cleans, Thurs off, Friday Spinning to warm-up and heavy lifting.
ETA: I just called the gym and the adult climb is at the exact time I can't go. Damn.

Update: Zumba class one is completed. It was a pretty fun if goofy way to move around and get sweaty. Definitely not as much of a workout as Spinning and nowhere close to lifting with barbells, but a good switch from the bike. It is possible that Zumba will become a better workout as I start to have a clue what is going on and can emphasize the movements more. Tonight was about trying to follow along and try not to run into anyone. I will keep going.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Can we get a ya-eah?

Uh huh, squats 3x5x85 and very pretty squats at that. I am going up to 90 lbs for the next heavy session Friday. Deadlifts 2x3x145 and plan to lift 150 Friday also instead of waiting around to get one full set of five deads at 145. I have a feeling that just doesn't work for me based on the last injury. More later :-)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Can't believe I almost forgot to post this

Yesterday was crazy busy, knowing it was going to be I worked out first. Squats were kinda suck, ended up w. 4x3x85, but I deadlifted 145 for a personal best! It was more like five sets of one rep then one set of five but I did it and didn't hurt anything, just normal tiredness today. Yay me!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Squats and deadlifts

Having not lifted since Friday evening I decided to do the main lifts again today. Squats, 1x10x0, 1x6x45, 1x5x55, 1x5x65, 1x5x75, 5x3x85. Deadlifts, 1x2x95, 1x2x115, 2x3x135. Nice session, tomorrow at 5pm is the Spin class I like.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Back to modified SS

Okay the minimalist program was more minimalist then expected due to illness, and March is over so back to your regularly scheduled programming. Which means tomorrow is squats, standing press and power cleans. We'll see how those go after not doing them for a month. Quads are singing from Friday's squats.

back at it

Okay, so I can breathe and only sometimes have to catch the drippy nose, time to work out. Since it's been a week, I'm doing squats and deadlifts. Worked up to 4x4x80 squats, goal next time to bring them to 5 reps each then 85 lbs. I cannot friggin wait to have 95 pounds on there.Then deads 1x3x135, next week goal 1x5x135, then upping to 140. So all is good, up early w a stuffy nose, will sleep as soon as I can. Pedicure and eyebrows today!