Thursday, October 10, 2013

The hotness, I can't take it.

My friend talked me out of strapping myself to the back of Doyle's bus, so I am home writing this. The Danzig show was a little disappointing at first, his mike wasn't working right. I wouldn't be surprised if someone is getting fired for that right now. Also, ballads. I don't go to a metal show to hear ballads. But then- Doyle! There are no words for his built, shredded body. Stomping around, spanking that guitar. I'm probably pregnant from watching that.

Now you have a pretty good idea of the basis for my sexual fantasies for the next day or two at least. Normally I would be typing out my workouts for the next couple of days but it's late and my mind is elsewhere. I'll update tomorrow.

Monday, October 7, 2013

It kind of helped

I was in a lot of pain this morning. The kind that takes your breath away for a while. However, after my fit of weeping and a good shower, I went to work and had a decent day. Took a long nap and oh god was my back cranky after that. I went to the gym anyway and benched up to 5 x 5 x 85, fooled around on the assisted pull-up maching, did lat pulldowns and bastardized rows with the tricep pushdown bar as the actual rowing stuff was all in use. Towards the end of that, and even now, my back feels a lot better. Not normal, but not painful either. Tomorrow will be leg day, presses here I come!

8:18am, getting geared up to work, back fucked-up again

I refuse to wait around doing yoga and cardio just to have this crap happen again right away. So, I'll train like a damn bodybuilder. Maybe my new friend was meant to be a sign. On the menu for tonight, bench press, pull-up machine, lat pull-downs, dumbell shoulder press, cardio of some sort, probably spinning for the low impact. alternatively, I can take a Les Mills body whatever it's called class and use super light weights, depending on how mobile I am later.

Earlier, I flopped down on the futon and sobbed dramatically for a while. I think I'm done with that for the day, need some delicious coffee/ protein powder/ half and half and to make a bunch of $$. I have to remember to schedule a massage for next week too. Tuesday I'll do rows if I can, or use the rowing cable machine (jesus) and leg press. Weds going to the show so probably won't do anything, mabe cardio. I hope my back is better enough that I can wear high-heeled boots to the show that night.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

So I met this incredibly hot young bodybuilder on Friday

using the flirt technique of squatting in the power rack next to the one he was using with his friend. He wandered over to chat a couple of times. We didn't rush off to have a December-May romance or anything but he is cool, squats to depth too. Lifting weights is good. Then, when I ran into him Saturday (what? I go to the gym a lot) he had hurt himself that day lifting also (I'm not blogging about that cuz I'm sick of my fucking lower back, and why focus on that when a tall, young, hulking hottie with blue-eyes is gazing down at me...). Could it be we were both showing off a little?

While I'm on the subject of twenty-something year-olds, this song reminds me of being heartbroken at that time of my life and driving to visit my friend in Detroit.

And, while I like listening to it again after all this time, bittersweet and all that, what I really should have been thinking was this.

Yes, I tend to do a lot of driving during relationship trauma. In fight or flight I pick flight to avoid embarrassment or potentially exhuming a situation that should be left to die.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Being a total bitch

I have to get some things out of my head and typing them seems to be the best idea. First of all, Project Runway. The final three designers are Helen, Bradon, and someone else I don't even remember because I usually get bored and turn off the tv before the end. Anyway, Helen, what the fuck?? I've read that participating on a reality show is physically taxing, but the girl looks like she was buried two weeks ago and just dug up. Zombies are in and all but please. She is what happens when the creamy-skinned brunette look goes terribly wrong.

That pale, muddy skin stretched out over her emaiciated frame, those cracked lips from which only mean things come, this must be some sort of Halloween-themed plant. I ache to spray-tan her, give her blush and pink lip-gloss and ten BBQ dinners. There are always a couple of designers on the show with questionable personal styling choices (Gretchen's red lipstick springs to mind) but this is a distracting disaster.

Dom, on the other hand, is a dead ringer for Dora the Exploer all grown up and sophisticated, as one would expect after all that exploring, no? Oh yes, that is the other finalist and I imagine will be the winner. Alexandria Von Poopy-pants was the most classical fashiony, but she is out. I liked her last gothic butterfly dress and would wear that to get married in. If I were getting married to Doyle from the Misfits, which I totally would based purely on physical attraction. Not many tall, muscle-bound, age-appropriate goth guitarists out there.

Call me!

More bitchiness! Yahoo news decided to tell me that Gina Gershon was transformed into Donatella Versace for a new film. Well, I had to check that out. Guess what? Donatella may have somewhat resembled Gina with a long blonde wig sometime in the early 70s, but not since. In fact, Donatella is a great reminder to women of all ages to quit smoking and stay out of the sun, and eat sometimes otherwise your skin may disintegrate like hers. Millions and millions of dollars can't fix that. You may as well plop a curly wig on Natalie Portman and say she is me!

Whew, I feel so much better and can now go about my day only thinking positive thoughts, mostly involving naked Doyle. Mmmmmmmm.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Learning to stand

This might be weird, but I recently discovered that I barely know how to stand. Whether its from high heels and ballet at too young an age, or just being not naturally athletic, I've spent my life standing on only parts of my feet at a time and then usually putting most of my weight on one or the other. When lifting weight, I have to concentrate on the feeling of the bottom of my feet touching the floor through the shoes.

Tonight I did 3 x 12 alternated push-ups and hyperextensions. Squats 2 x 5 x 45, 1 x 5 x 65, 1 x 5 x 95, 3 x 5 x 105, 1 x 5 x 95. overhead press 1 x 5 x 45, 1 x 5 x 55, 1 x 5 x 65, 3 x 3 x 70, 1 x 4 x 70. Came home and had a skinny steak and some baked beans w cheddar cheese mixed in. I'm thinking about also having a green juice, bought organic cucumbers, parsley and mixed greens at the store yesterday, and maybe also some sardines. I love sardines!.

Tomorrow is Wednesday, I usually take a 6am yoga class then so that is the tentative plan. Thursday 6am spinning, Friday deadlifts, I'll work on making 175 better than it was last week and do some light squats too. My favorite yoga guy will be gone Saturday and then all thru the week I think, so need to figure that out. Maybe I'll just do some light cardio on saturday and God knows I need to get back to work to make some $$.