Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Hanging out waiting for it to get late enough for me to get ready for the party and realized I can log my workout. Eariler today I walked on the treadmill for 2 miles, 4.0 to 4.2 mph, 0 to 2 incline. Squats, 1 x 12 x air, 1 x 10 x bar, 1 x 5 x 65, 1 x 5 x 75, 1 x 5 x 85, 3 x 5 x 95. Hyperextensions 3 x 12, bench press 1 x 10 x 45, 1 x 5 x 65, 4 x 5 x 85. deads 3 x 3 x 135. More bench presses and deadlifts than Monday, and did not feel as wiped out as then at the end. Back is still okay, will see how tonight goes as I'll be standing most of the time, can't sit comfortably in a corset.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The usual not so great sleep after lifting

So it was not a problem to get up early for 6am Yoga, plus I wanted to check the news to see how the NE was handling the storm. In any of these storms it seems like people live in separate universes as in, it was nothing! just wind and rain! To, 16 people dead. Like I said yesterday, when a storm passes you by, be happy don't be a dick about it. Anyway, up for yoga, put on my shiny silver moon boots cuz its cold here (60 degrees F ha!) and forgot it was no-yoga Tuesday. So there I was at the gym with footwear that was impossible to do anything in. I chatted with my buddy who works there, made plans to go to a Halloween party tomorrow night and left. Yoga happened later that morning here at home.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Venturing into the gym today

Back pain is gone, just some stiffness in the area. So, I'll walk first and then see what I can do with the weights. Think I'll skip the hyperextensions considered yesterday. Workout log will be posted aftereward, fingers crossed. I hope my friends with boats came through the strom okay. Different sites that allow comments always disturb me regarding storms. There are so many idiots in the world. Seriously, when you know about a possibly large strom coming your way a week in advance, don't wait until the day before to go to the store, then complain that there is nothing on the shelves dumbass. Also, if it turns out not to be as bad as expected, don't complain asshole, that is a good thing!

That was not too bad. The lifts were light and unfortunately challenging, but I stopped before doing any damage and was surprised by how tired this baby workout left me. Started by walking on the treadmill to warm-up and use up some of the oomph that makes me want to lift as much as possible. 2 miles, 4.0-4.2mph, .5 to 2 incline. Thenbench presses, 1 x 10 x 45, 1 x 5 x 65, 3 x 5 x 85, 1 x 12 x 65. Hyperextensions, 4 x 8. Squats, oh I was trepidatious about these. 1x12xair, 1 x 10 x 45, 1 x 5 x 65, 1 x 5 x 75, 1 x 5 x 85, 3 x 5 x 95. Not too bad, back said 'Hello" but not in a painful way, repeat this next time. Deadlifts, super careful, 2 x 3 x 135.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Not menopause (squeamish men stop reading here)

It's meno-all-the-freaking-time-nonstop! I haven't been posting as I've been waiting for my back to heal completely before lifting again. It's fucking killing me. Not the back, that is gradually getting better, the waiting. Is the hardest part. And at the same time my period has decided not to stop, possibly ever! It's been a week, soon I'm going to see a doctor. Ugh. What a thought. The brightside is that I surely can't be pregnant, remember the sex mentioned in my earlier post? Any other brightsides? Well, maybe having to buy an unusually large quantity of tampons is helping to stimulate the economy. So I'm putting on some comfy clothes, workout wear is good for this too, and ready to buy some iron-rich foods. Monday I plan to be back in the gym, will walk, possibly yoga, lat pull-downs, see how hyperextensions go, squat the bar and 65 lbs, basically test it out.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Was it PMS's fault?

I should keep track of stuff like that, when my period starts and not overdo the lifts right before. Lower right side of the back still a little sore but a lot better then the Monday night when I crunched it. I'm going to go against the desire to lift tonight and give it another bit of rest. There. In writing. So yeah, my period started and I don't feel great today, lethagric and blah. Rereading an email I sent this morning, I used the word "Now" like 20 times. I would really love to unsend and edit that if possible. Oh well.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I did it again.

Tweaked my back, this time on the right lower side. I can, however, look all the way to the left now, so at least only one part of me breaks at a time<- silver lining! Yesterday was a long boring day, so I wrapped up work early and went to the gym. Squats, 1 x 12 x air, 1 x 10 x 45, 1 x 5 x 65, 1 x 5 x 95, 1 x 5 x 115, 1 x 3 x 125, 3 x 3 x 130 fine, felt good so added another set, 1 x 2 x 130 and this is where I crunched the back. Lost tightness at a crucial moment I guess. That was pretty early in the session so I moved on to bench presses even though getting down on the bench was uncomfortable. 1 x 10 x 45, 1 x 5 x 65, 1 x 5 x 85, 2 x 4 x 90, 4 x 3 x 90. Not too bad, esp considering the gimpiness of me at this time. My notes on the log say, "So pissed I could cry."

Then, my niece turned up all red from running and said she needed to do something to perk up her butt and boobs. Of course I showed her how to squat, she used the 35 lb bar. I decided to see how deadlifts went, 2 x 5 x 135, 1 x 3 x 135, back acted up again and ended that session for me. Also, after benching I went to the front desk and got two of those instant ice packs and stuck them in the waistband of my yoga pants. That helped a little. Hardcore is me, yes.

Monday, October 15, 2012

The Belly of Doom

I've whined, okay posted, here before about my midsection driving me nuts. Bloating, not responding to exercise and nutrition changes, etc. Its possible that this is a genetic curse, as my sister who leads lots of weight-training and cardio classes every week has the same thing. Another site I lurk on, the Starting Strength forum, had the link to this blog post Stumptuous, Pray for Mojo which is a great read and offers up another possibility. I'm not running to a doctor yet, as I hate them in general and still want to work on other things by myself, but its good to have this information out there and will probably help other people. Hell, at least make one not feel so alone in insanity.

This morning I woke up at 3:45 am, as I do, and stayed awake and in limbo for two hours, finally reaching a nice sound sleep as the alarm went off for yoga. I continued sleeping. Sometimes the extra hour or so of rest is worth it. Lifting goals for the night are 3 x 3 x 130 squats, good low and strong lower back, see how 90 lbs goes on bench press again, I didn't get the reps I wanted last time. I may add in tricep extensions as an assistance exercise here. Deadlifts, 1 x 5 x 135, 1 x 5 x 145, 1 x 5 x 155. So, semi-intensity squats, volume deadlifts, and who knows bench.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Working out a plan

Yesterday I took the whole day off from the gym, worked, paid bills and then worked around the house. Today I slept in, it was wonderful. So, it's alternative lift day which needs to be both organized and played by strength.

I can either keep the warm-up as light squats, push-ups and overhead presses or do volume squats to 115 5 x 5. This is tricky because the light warm-up is better for strong presses and therefore strong shoulders but squats in general are my weak point so should I keep the focus on them even on light day? I also consider that many of the other women's logs show their squats far heavier than mine, while I easily bench and press more then them. That leads to the question,am I weird and should make up the disparity, or just go with the difference? When my arms are down by my side and relaxed they aren't crazy muscular or anything, so that part isn't important yet.

My back feels good today, so I'll start with back squats and work up to 5 x 5 x 115 for volume, then move on to clean and press until those get too heavy, hopefully around 80 lbs, then morph into 5 x 3 power cleans, still working on getting 5 x 3 x 80. Then play with overhead squats being careful with the knees. After all that, walk 2.5 miles on the treadmill.

Reminder to myself, Artwalk and Duos downtown tonight.

Very good session today but I lost my log- poo! Back squats 1 x 12 x air, 1 x 10 x 45, 1 x 5 x 65, 1 x 5 x 95, 5 x 5 x 115. Clean and press 1 x 5 x 45, 1 x 3 x 55, 1 x 3 x 65, 2 x 2 x 75. Power cleans 2 x 1 x 75, x 3 x 75, 5 x 3 x 80, 1 x 2 x 80( this was an ugly set with a miss in the middle). I was dreading overhead squats at this point but actually had fun doing them. 1 x 5 x 45, 1 x 3 x 55, 1 x 3 x 65, 1 x 1 x 70, 2 x 2 x 70, struggled with these, then I think I got 5 x 5 x 65 damn where did that piece of paper go? Also, saw one of my former advice givers squatting next to me. This was the first time I paid attention to what he was doing, he had 315 loaded up, tampon on the bar, 1/8 squats with a spotter. Glad I ignored his advice. Home at 2pm feeling totally relaxed and glad I made the lifts.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

chugging along

Dragged myself to yoga at 7, we had a different instructor today which turned out well. A whole new set of torture! At night back to lift; squats 1 x 12 x air, 1 x 10 x 45, 1 x 5 x 65, 1 x 5 x 95, 1 x 5 x 115, 5 x 3 x 125 I just hate doing sets of five when its heavy. Could really use some peer pressure here. 1 x 5 x 115, 3 x 5 x 95. Bench press 1 x 10 x 45, 1 x 5 x 65, 1 x 5 x 85, 2 x 3 x 90, 1 x 4 x 90, 2 x 5 x 85, 1 x 3 x 85. Deadlifts 1 x 5 x 135, 2 x 5 x 145. Forced myself to do sets of five on these. Then finished with 2 x 15 hyperextensions. Home and cooking up some pork chops.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The day after

the clunky, uncoordinated, weak workout that was last night, I got up slowly at 530 and went to yoga. I am not a morning person according to everyone who has been exposed to me fore 11am, so doing this on a regular basis means I am convinced it helps. Not joining the Cirque du Soliel anythime soon, but it is such a huge relief to be able to scratch between my shoulder blades with my hand instead of the back of a chair. Not only that, days of longing for someone to rub my tight legs have given way to normalcy. Not that I will say no to a good leg rub.

Tomorrow will be squat, bench deadlift day. Squat 3 x 5 x 125, yes it is a do-over. Bench press 3 x 5 x 90. I've been stuck at 3s for 95 lbs for a while and want to see how this goes. Deadlifts, 1 x 5 x 135, 2 x 5 x 145. Not as heavy as I want heavy day to be, conservative here. Also, I should walk today if I have time as two different social things are on the agenda for the day. But no sex! Lifting tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Finally lifted again

I hate going so long without doing so. Also, a discovery has been made: sex really does make me weak! It has to be amazing, but then the next day's lifts just suck. That's one myth that I now believe. Now that the excuse of the day has been registered, the lifts. Squats, 1 x 12 x air, 1 x 10 x 45, 1 x 5 x 65, 1 x 5 x 95, 5 x 5 x 115. Sadly tough. Power cleans 1 x 5 x 45, 1 x 3 x 65, 1 x 3 x 75, 2 x 3 x 80- hoorible fail on the last one. 2 x 3 x 75, 1 x 2 x 75, got pissed and did 1 x 2 x 75 clean and press.

Front squats 1 x 5 x 45, 1 x 3 x 55, 1 x 3 x 60, 1 x 3 x 65, 1 x 3 x 70. Overhead squats 2 x 5 x 45, 1 x 3 x 55, 1 fail to even get the bar overhead at 65, then regrouped and did 5 x 3 x 65. Romanian deadlifts 5 x 5 x 95. Home for food and sleep, 6am yoga tomorrow.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Cinderella? Nope, the designated driver.

Wait, does that make me the cat that is turned into the driver of the coach? Not having kids puts one at a disadvantage as far as fairy tale memory goes. The point of this is that I was out until 12 last night and got up at 6:30 today. Thanks, hungry pets. I basically carbo-loaded, had Ramen last night and oatmeal this morning. Still to come: the long Saturday yoga class, lifting and 2.5 mile walk. I will need a nap after all of that! Reiterating todays planned lifts, back squats 5 x 5 x 115, power cleans 5 x 3 x 80 (sets x reps x pounds) front squat 5 x 3, overhead squat 5 x 3, these are light, RDL 5 x 3 x 95. Will update after, but since all of these are light for me, the only new thing being the power cleans at 80 lbs, should not be a problem.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Making lemonade out of lemons, maybe

It would be great for someone who knows what form I am going for to watch me lift and make helpful suggestions. So far I have the people but they don't have a clue. so, I'm going to provide it. The next time someone approaches me with a tip, I will say no problem. First, check out Mark Rippetoe online, Google or go to Youtube for videos, and see the form I am trying to achieve. Then, learn how to do the movements until you (a man, most of the time it's a guy) can do them properly with more weight than me, which so far none of the helpers has been able to do. Then, bring on the suggestions!

Sleep was not cooperating last night, so it was easy to get up at 5:30 for 6am yoga, after that I did 2.5 miles on the treadmill. This surprised one of the trainers I know there, he was like "Cardio?" I was like, "yeah." Came home, ate oatmeal and napped. My shoulders need a break, so tomorrow will be a volume squat day. 5 x 5 x 115 back squats, 5 x 3 x 80 power cleans, 5 x 3 x going up gradually front squats, 5 x 3 x same thing overhead squats, 5 x 3 x 95 RDLS.

It occurredto me that I should explain how I got to the point where I am deciding my own programming. When i started lifting 2 years ago, I ran Starting Strength 3 times, with several deloads, by the book, eventually going from 3 x 5 sets to 3 x 3. After a point I stalled and my back had issues. You can see by the picture of me in my potential Halloween costume two of the reasons for back issues, I've been carrying these breasts around full-size since I was 15. Now, self-coached, I read everything possible especially about older women who lift and am programming myself. Practical Programming is on my list of things to buy, as soon as I can stop buying Halloween stuff, god I love this holiday!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

I thought it was Taco Day

but instead it was Unwanted and Odd Advice Day. actually,the first batch of advice I got for my deadlift wasn't all that unusal. Amateur coach #1 advised me to use a mixed grip for all sets rather than just the heavy ones, and to look up at the ceiling at all times. I smiled and thanked him and ignored the advice. I'm trying to use the form recommended by Rippetoe by the way. Coach #2 was better. He came over and said I needed to scrape my knees on the way up, along with looking at the ceiling at all time. He is a chiropractor, and thus knows about backs. At this point I was doing my back-off set with 155 lbs, so I asked if he would demonstrate proper form.

With God as my witness, he took 20 lbs off of the bar and then said, it still might be too heavy- for him! Then he showed me some goofy deadlifts. Somehow I hadn't fainted with the sight of a man, who wanted to tell me how to deadlift complain about lifting 135 lbs, and he decided to help me even more and discuss squats. I should look on Youtube for advice, he said, and got two 2.5 lb plates and said to put them under your heels while squatting...Yeah. I laughed and said 'Please stop!' and waved him away. A woman can only take so much.

Tonight I warmed up for Deadlift only day with lat pulldowns alternating with sets of push-ups, lat pulldowns 1 x 8 x 50, 1 x 6 x 60, 3 x 10 x 70, push-ups 3 x 10. Then did hyperextensions 2 x 15. Deadlifts were 1 x 3 x 135, 1 x 3 x 155, 2 x 3 x 165, 1 x 3 x 155, 1 x 5 x 135. These went well other then the clownshow. Then, walked on the treadmill 2.5 miles. Tomorrow, no lifting, early yoga and walking.

New workout pants!

I just got home from a mall with two new pairs of stretchy workout capris. I tried on several pairs and brands of running shorts, which look so cute and comfortable on many of the other women I train with, but for some reason on me they look like I stole Grandma's panties. So, capris it is. I also found some cute tops at Banana Republic on sale, as they were from Summer. Since it is 90 degrees here I went for it. God knows I have enough cute hoodies and jackets to wear over them if it ever becomes cooler. Hey, it started pouring, maybe I am getting my wish. See, buying sleeveless tops did the trick.

I took yoga this morning, today my back and shoulders are a little stiff but whatever. Tonight the plan is to warm up with some lat pull-downs, push-ups and back extensions, three sets of ten each, then deadlift, 1 x 3 x 135, 1 x 3 x 155, 2 x 3 x 165, back down 2 x 3 x 155, 1 x 5 x 135. Then hit the treadmill for my two miles, so far so good as avoiding shinsplints goes, I will increase the distance to 2.5.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

More changes

I got to the gym late due to life interfering, started with squats 1 x 12 x air, 1 x 10 x 45, 1 x 5 x 65, 1 x 5 x 95, 1 x 5 x 115, 3 x 5 x 125, lower back started complaining during the last two reps of the third set, I wanted to do 3 x 5 x 115, but my lower back felt like it was collasping so did 1 x 3 x 115. Bench press 1 x 10 x 45, 1 x 5 x 65, 1 x 5 x 85, 1 x 1 x 95, 1 x 1 x 100, 2 x 2 x 95, 1 x 3 x 95, 3 x 5 x 85. I had just over a half hour left of the gym being open, and decided to use the treadmill and move deadlifts to tomorrow rather then rush through them. So, I walked on the treadmill, 4.0-4.2 miles per hour, playing with the incline from 0 to 2 for 2 miles, and wrapped it up just as the gym closed. Clearly my lower back is limiting my progress in squats, so moving deads to a different session and making it a 'back day' hopefully will help. Tomorrow, yoga, deads, back accessory work, walking.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Unmotivated day

Sunday I didn't train, went to my sister's house and hung out with my crazy nieces for a while. Grilled chicken and then decided to burn the shred pile which was much more fun then sitting there shredding for half an hour. Today I got up for yoga, during class my right shoulder felt wonky when lifting it up and down but now it seems okay. This is a thing because tonights lifts will be clean and press and overhead squats, so i don't know if I should put that off until tomorrow and just walk tonight or what. Walking around waving my arms like a giant bird doesn't hurt so maybe I just slept awarkwardly. Work is slow so I cleaned the kitchen, now I could do the rest of the house or take a nap. Leaning towards the nap.

No nap, continued to work and my 800 number went out halfway through a consultation. This was the Monday curse for sure. Training; warm-up with 12 air squats, 1 x 10 x 45 back squat, 3 x 8 x 45 front squats, 3 x 10 push-ups, 3 x 8 x 45 overhead pressin a little circuit. Clean and front squat 2 x 3 x 45, clean and press 1 x 3 x 65, went for 75 and couldn't make the second rep so singled them out 7 x 1 x 75. Power cleans 1 x 3 x 80, just to see if i could, next time I have this session (Saturday) I'm going for 5 x 3 x 80. Tried to snatch the bar and failed, so power snatch 1 x 3 x 45. Just so unco-ordinated today. Overhead squat 1 x 5 x 45, 1 x 3 x 65, 1 sort of at 75, dropped it, 1 x 4 x 70 I was surprised, 1 x 3 x 70. Clean and press 1 x 2 x 70, 2 x 1 x 70.

I thought squats would make it all better- wrong! 1x5x95, 1 x 3 x 115 and my back started getting cranky, so I did a set of 15 hyperextensions and finished with 2 miles on the treadmill at 4.0 mph. Nothing about this day was easy, it was all a slog.