Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Content is king

You hear this phrase all the time when researching search engine optimization. Creating content is key so go with your strengths. I have an account that is very visual in nature, so for that account the content is visual too. I concentrate on creating fresh images, publicize the fact that new images exist and roll out the images in a balanced manner. They entire days work isn't immediately published, this account has an established customer base so I give the current customers the opportunity to buy a slide-show of the best of the day's images while keeping the majority of them off the Web. I chose two or three to use to freshen up different ads. The creation of new visual content then leads to written content as I blog about the new pics and where to get the slide-show.

While I had the model there and ready to go, I also made a Youtube clip to upload to the account's channel. This is called making the most of the client's money and time and creating as much content as possible, now not only does the account have new images to sell and use for promotion, they have a behind-the-scenes type of video clip to promote via Youtube which also links back to their main website. Don't disregard the importance of search for images and videos, it is relatively new as far as companies taking advantage of it for SEO and therefore easier to get to the top of the list.

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