Friday, December 17, 2010

Heavy day; in the good way

I missed a couple of lifting posts, sorry about that. Its been a little hectic here as the holidays often are, filled with un-fun purchases such as an external hard drive and a washing machine. Hell I may as well buy more work-out shoes at this rate. I'm officially not doing the Starting Strength program at this point; still working on the lifts as outlined in the book but switched up the programming to see what happens after getting stuck at weight much lighter then it should be. Today was 'heavy day', the workout where I start the sets of each exercise with the bar and raise the weight each set until I max out at three reps. Maxed squats out at 85 lbs, overhead rows at 55 lbs (those include a warmup set with the 35lb bar), and hang cleans at 65 lbs but was good for 5 reps for all three sets.Some were uglier then others but wth.

Tough workout, it took alot out of me. There was no easily eaten food at the house so I stopped by the grocery store before going home, and picked up a single serve bag of peanuts. When I couldn't find them before leaving the parking lot I was like, damn! Luckily they were hiding under the paper towels and I made it home.Next workout will be Sunday or Monday for reps as far as squats go, going from all standard bench to some flat, some incline and some dumbbell, then deadlifts which will be a max-out set as last deadlift session I stopped raising the weight at 125.

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