Monday, December 6, 2010

Rough day

It's been a long head-achy day. I couldn't get it together to cook, so had a slice of pizza and a salad. After this settles down I may go for a walk/run, just feel kind of run-down and depressed. This should be my favorite month, I love Christmas and it's cold out but it isn't happening for me so far. I think the relentless recession talk is getting to me. Saturday night I was so bummed I ordered $70 worth of Philosophy stuff from QVC in an effort to be cheered up. Maybe when it gets here it will have the effect. Basically I want good-smelling stuff for showering at the gym, it is not the most pleasant experience in that locker room and needs all the help I can get. Work has been slow and I could use a good brow grooming, professional haircut and pedicure for starters. High maintenence much?

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