Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Squat and deadlift goals met.

Last night I squatted 4x4x95- finally using some decent sized plates! This has been my goal since starting to lift and when I was stuck at 65 for what felt like forever it was depressing. Trying to do 3x5xweight with perfect form got me hung up on details, so I loosened up the programming a bit, allowing myself to do fewer reps when I increased weight while also paying attention to form. This allowed me to go up. As long as I take care of recovery this weight should be possible for 3x5x95 on Friday. Topped out deadlifts at 2x2x150, planning for 2 sets of three on Friday.
Tonight is Spinning, increased cardio to shed some fat. The cardio goal is four times a week and I'm flirting with the idea to learn Zumba. People love it, but I've found the classes to feel like an audition for a Broadway show, an audition that I fail miserably. Too bad there are mirrors all over the walls at the class, that is probably a big part of the problem. Also I heard a rumor that there are adult climbing wall classes, now that is interesting.

So, this week tonight Spinning, tomorrow light squats, overhead press, power cleans, Thurs off, Friday Spinning to warm-up and heavy lifting.
ETA: I just called the gym and the adult climb is at the exact time I can't go. Damn.

Update: Zumba class one is completed. It was a pretty fun if goofy way to move around and get sweaty. Definitely not as much of a workout as Spinning and nowhere close to lifting with barbells, but a good switch from the bike. It is possible that Zumba will become a better workout as I start to have a clue what is going on and can emphasize the movements more. Tonight was about trying to follow along and try not to run into anyone. I will keep going.

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