Monday, October 7, 2013

8:18am, getting geared up to work, back fucked-up again

I refuse to wait around doing yoga and cardio just to have this crap happen again right away. So, I'll train like a damn bodybuilder. Maybe my new friend was meant to be a sign. On the menu for tonight, bench press, pull-up machine, lat pull-downs, dumbell shoulder press, cardio of some sort, probably spinning for the low impact. alternatively, I can take a Les Mills body whatever it's called class and use super light weights, depending on how mobile I am later.

Earlier, I flopped down on the futon and sobbed dramatically for a while. I think I'm done with that for the day, need some delicious coffee/ protein powder/ half and half and to make a bunch of $$. I have to remember to schedule a massage for next week too. Tuesday I'll do rows if I can, or use the rowing cable machine (jesus) and leg press. Weds going to the show so probably won't do anything, mabe cardio. I hope my back is better enough that I can wear high-heeled boots to the show that night.

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