Monday, December 23, 2013

Good squats with the real plates, and goal for next year.

I've successfully squatted 60kg, yesterday 6 sets of triples. My deadlift has not been progressing. Admittedly I don't push past back pain, it's my back and I am going to take care of it. So, as work sets are 135 for squats, 95 for bench, stuck at 165 for deads, I'm moving away from current programming and going to Squat Day, Bench Day, Dead Day, rest, repeat. I hope one day of recovery between squats and deadlifts will work and allow me to continue progression. There are two weeks before I go skiing, 10 days of that so I'm thinking twice a week workouts at the gym there will be the best I can do. The trip is all about skiing, that is why I'm going and is my priority.

So, two weeks to try out the new plan, I should be able to put ten lbs each on squat and deadlift in that time. I'm benching 100 lbs whenever I can grab a spotter, so I'll either go for 100 without a handoff and see what happens, or try 105 w spotter. Or both. Next year, goal squat 100kg for triples. Also, I'm going to make myslef more outgoing towards people who tend to blend into the background. Doing a handstand would be cool too.

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