Friday, December 13, 2013

Knocking on wood

So, new programming for squat progress has been going well as well as the change to high-bar. I squat twice a week, when the weight is increased by 5 pounds, the first session of the week is 3 x 3 at the new weight. On the second I do 5 sets of three. Next session, increase by another five pounds and do 3 x 3 and so on. Yesterday, 3 x 3 x 130, Sunday, 5 x 3 x 130. Weds 3 x 3 x 135, yay!! Forcing myself to take two days recovery between sessions has helped too. It is extremely hard sometimes to stay out of the weight room, but as long as this is working it is the plan.

Bench press has stalled at 95, so whenever I have a good spotter available I'll go for heavier weights. 100 Sunday (with spotter) 95 if no one is around. I've been approaching deadlifts with caution since the last back breakdown. Monday topped them out with a set of 3 at 165, then one of 2 also at 165. Sunday I'll go for 3 x 3 x 165 to see how that feels. Adjusted if its very light or something is off. Sleeping, eating and yoga in the meantime.

In just over three weeks I'll be on my skiing vacation- cannot wait. Actually its more like ski-camp. I have ten lift tickets and six lessons so, yeah. Lots of time on the slopes. I absolutely love it.

Almost forgot, on non-deadlift days I've continued to do the lat pulldowns and cable rows. Am using 100lbs after warmup sets for these. The plate jump is huge, I went from 85 last week to 100 last night, because I tried it and could. So when I get to 8 manageable reps with 100 on both I'll go heavier with this. The extra back work has made me feel more balanced and comfortable.

I've really had to try a lot of things beyond the basic Starting Strength program to progress. It may work for a woman like me, age and fitness level, with an SS coach standing there watching everything. When you are on your own, the game is completely different. I'm glad I found it to get ne started though, if I'd had to start with the New Rules of Lifting for Women, also highly recommended but so freaking complicated you need a spreadsheet for the exercises, I'd probably have given up long ago.

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