Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Interesting training session today

Today was 'heavy' squat day, so after warming up on the elliptical for ten minutes and 20 back extensions I hit the rack and made three good sets of five at 65 lbs. So bouncing back from the flu pretty well. Then overhead press at 55 lbs, power cleans at 65! That is where the interesting part comes in. 65 lbs is a personal record for me with cleans, and I need to concentrate. This was made challenging by the presence in an already crowded, after-work gym by a seven-foot tall old man, wearing a belt and black tights walking back and forth endlessly behind me. It was like when friends are playing pool and trying to make the opponent miss the shot. My sets weren't exactly five in a row, but I did it and have confidence it will go better next time. I came home, ate a bunch of not very yummy stuff. That could be due to PMS, there is always that day when I'm ravenous yet hate everything. Cool front coming in tomorrow thank frickkin GOD!

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