Sunday, January 20, 2013

Modified Westside

A Fitocracy member linked to an interesting article about lifting and running, and the author, a super-built guy who also runs Ironmans, recomended using Westside programming. My lifts are so low that 55% for the dynamic effort days would be embarassing- sorry but I'm vain, so I already broke the rules. The first workout! I started with dynamic deadlift day, which is supposed to be 8 x 3 x 55% of your 1 rep max. Thinking my 1 rep max was 185 I did the math and came up with under 102 lbs. So I loaded it up with 135 and did the 8 x 3. I did not do any accessory work.

Tomorrow, Monday will be bench and squat day maxing up to singles. This is a normal heavy bench and squat day for me anyway, and will be the last heavy squat day for me before squat camp this weekend. On Saturday I took two yoga classes, the regular long one and the kids class right afterward. It was fun, definitely not relaxing but how relaxed do you need to be on a Saturday morning? I'm looking forward to taking it with my niece.

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