Saturday, February 19, 2011

joy of deadlifting :-)

It was a good Saturday to go to the gym in the afternoon, I bet the awesome weather kept a lot of people away. Yes, I'm antisocial while training, why do you ask? The relative lack of people didn't save me from unsolicited advice but what are you gonna do? So, I squatted, lots of warm-up sets, then 3 work sets/five reps w 75 lbs. Moved on the dumbbell flat bench presses, one set of five reps each w/ 15, 20 and 25 lbs dumbbells before moving on to the barbell bench where I completed three work sets of five reps (with difficulty again) at 65 lbs. I hope adding the dumbbell work will eventually lead to greater strength gains here.In between barbell sets I did back extensions, a total of four sets starting with bodyweight and working up to two sets w the ten-pound plate. Nest time I'll use the 15 pound dumbell for the last heavy set. Wrapped it up with 140 lb deadlifts, five ugly reps so I'm probably stuck here for another session. It felt good to pound it out early, get some food and a nap so I can go out tonight.
Off topic, my hair and nails are growing like crazy, may have something to do with all the protein I consume. I eat straight up tuna, chicken, eggs, no 'whey protien drinks' or anything like that.

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