Tuesday, February 1, 2011

left it all in the gym tonight

A reminder: don't pig out before your workout no matter how hungry you are. Anywho, went, warmed up and back extensions, front squats with only 55 lbs, overhead press at 55 lbs- damn those are hard and I failed on the fourth rep but am determined to increase my upper body strength. Good shoulders really help the whole silhouette of one's body fall in line and my posture is so much better then it was before barbell training. I see women curling forever in the weight room and as glad as I am to see them there and at least lifting something, I just wish information about compound movements was more readily available. I would never go back to lifting those little girly weights with no results knowing and experiencing what I have in the past months of training. Building muscle that you can see and feel- for me the most dramatic difference has been the legs, is so gratifying and empowering. The fact that my body did not give out after skiing all day, days in a row, a completely improved experience over last year blows my mind. Barbell training is my fountain of youth.

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