Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fat and hormonal

describes how I have been feeling this week. I've retained every drop of water ingested and haven't worked out since Monday. So, this week so far was: Monday yoga, lifting at night, Weds am yoga class, and that is it. I got dressed to work out last night but was too fat to go. Too fat to go to the gym! Clearly an attitude adjustment is needed. So, I'm on the second big cup of green tea today hoping that will stimulate some release of pee, and prepard to wear a big t-shirt to the gym in case it doesn't. Seriously, bigger women go to the gym consistently and are just fine, I need to get my head out of my ass and just go.

All-righty then. Also, I miss deadlifts and am going to add the powerlifts in to alternate with the Oly stuff which is both fun and dreadful. It's been a while since I put power stuff on hold, so tonight will be about starting over on squats, 3 x 5 x 120, seeing if I can bench 95 lbs well as there probably won't be a good spotter around, and deadlifts warming up at 135 and moving up 1 rep 10 pounds added each time until a miss. Friday morning will be yoga early, Saturday lift Oly day. Back on track yet again!

Why do I get all angtsy about hitting the gym when it always turns out to be the best part of the day? Who knows. The squat racks were taken when I got there, so started with bench. 1x10 x 45, 1 x 5 x 65, 1 x 3 x 85, 5 x 3 x 95. Felt strong and good. Also, Leslie showed up and did here first bench presses ever with the bar. Squats, 1 x 10 x 45, 1 x 5 x 65, 1 x 5 x 95, 1 x 3 x 115, 3 x 5 x 120, strong and good. Leslie also squatted with the bar, we are working on getting her down to a good paralell before adding weight to it. Deads 5 x 3 x 135, hyperextensions 2 x 10. I decided to rep deadlifts out like that as I needed to get used to the proper back position again, the weight was good and easy. I am so stoked that the time off doing Oly stuff hasn't resulted in my becoming weaker, in fact it has helped with some missing links.

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