Friday, September 21, 2012


This morning the regular internal battle of why I should or shouldn't get up for yoga happened, and somehow I got up and went. About halfway thru class Beth, a woman I took Spinning classes with for at least a year during my cardiobunny days came in. She has been fighting cancer for the past year, her hair is gone and she is nowhere near the shape she was in back then, but she made it to class even though she was late. Late would have been on the top of my list not to go.

So, yeah, my piddly problems of a bloated tummy and wanting to sleep in til 8 are damn trivial. We talked, she is doing well and done with traveling for chemo treatments. I don't know anything about cancer, I guess after chemo they give the body a break for a while to get back to health and then test or scan you again. I hope its gone.

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