Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I could not get to the gym soon enough tonight, was just moody as hell and it was a long, unproductive day. Also, can you say DOMS of doom? Holy crap I was stiff and hurt everywhere. I hit the treadmill, did three miles of intervals, 2 minutes of walking at 3.5 and three minutes of running at 5.0. Getting used to running again is, well not too sure what word to out on it. It will be more fun when I do faster intervals, for now I'm getting my body accustomed to moving this way, don't want to screw up my knees before I even get a good start. I'll continue on for another week with the slow intervals, then move to faster ones, then work on increasing the incline, then move to outdoor runs until I can run 4 miles in a row. Oh yeah! The plan for tomorrow is am yoga and pm lifting, pretty much the same lifts as Monday but more clean and presses. Thursday yoga and pedicure (can't wait!) and Friday off.

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