Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Back to my favorite gym and doing well

I haven't posted in way too long! In fact, it was in signing up for another site that I was reminded about my blog. But just because I haven't posted doesn't mean I haven't been hitting the gym. Gold's Gym did cancel my membership in the time-frame stated, so that ended well, and the YMCA canceled my cancellation and reinstated the membership there with no fee, So all of that is great!

Mother's Day was really nice, my sisters, mom and I and all of the kids went out to the big beach. We rented a pavilion and met friends out there too, and I even decided to put on my industrial-strength bathing suit (seriously, its like a sports bra for the whole body, and swim. Lily and I were in the water and going to swim all the way across to this wooden structure to check it out, when Lily decided to call out to her friend, Olivia, to join us. Well O is only five and still using water wings, so I put an end to that plan and moved all of us closer to the shore. i guess I'll have to save that for a day when it's only adventurous moms and no kids. Of course, the chances of us at the beach with no kids is pretty slim!

Also, the real reason I'm online at this crazy time, it that I can't sleep. I saw three roaches in the past week, so yesterday morning set off three bug bombs. One in the garage and two in the house. Obviously I got everyone out of the house, and spent the rest of the day cleaning, but now I'm worried about blasting poison all over everything and have been nervously wiping down surfaces with Clorox bleach wipes. I've throw away anything in the bathroom that I don't specifically remember taking out and putting in the car with us, so tomorrow will be a big toothpaste and whatever shopping trip.

What a pain this is! I also read online that the bug bombs are not the best way to get rid of roaches, I didn't buy them, C did, so I was using what was available. Now it looks like I need to get some caulk and figure out how to use that. This is embarrassing, but Ipatched up a couple of cracks along the inside of the cabinet that looked like possible roach entrances with duck tape.

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