Thursday, May 15, 2014

Thinking about Avon

I'm considering becoming an Avon representative. I need to do more research, ideally I would be an affiliate with a site so people could simply order from 'my' site, pay with their credit cards and the items are shipped to them without my hands on anything. Years ago I tried selling Avon and it was a disaster. Dealing with inventory and collecting checks and cash from people, so if that is involved I am not interested. So, that is on my mind. On a completely unrelated note, I am also toying with the idea of starting to take power yoga/ flow classes. these are different (as in, harder) than the yoga I love, but the challenge is interesting. The class hours are a little funky though, to make it today I'd have to be done working at 3, the class is at 4, and as it is a sweatier yoga than usual I also have to shower afterward and possibly redo hair, makeup, everything if I want to go or do anything afterward. Undecided about that.

Sleep was intermittant last night, everyone was in the bed with me. It's sweet that they want to cuddle, and I treasure the time, but damn I could use a nap right now- 9am.

Tomorrow gym session: squat 3x5x125, back dependant, keeping in mind the dead lift goal is coming up, bench, paused again, 90 pounds, more reps than last time (see notebook). Deadlifts, work up to heavy singles, 185 top out unless they feel really light, then 3 x 3 x 155. It would be most convenient if this is a morning workout as I have plans Friday night, have to work Friday and Saturday too.

I almost forgot the most important thing that happened lately. Like a lot of women I know, I spend a lot of money on different make up and skin care products, trying to improve my appearance. I even went to Sally's Beauty Supply and bought a bunch of false eyelashes, glue, glue remover, the whole bit, to make my eyes look prettier. After watching several Youtube how-to videos, I tried, and tried to put them on. Finally, I got to the point where one would look good, and the other would droop at the outer corner. This made me look like a glamorour s stroke victim. That isn't where I wanted to go with that, so I realized that my poor vision might be affecting the outcome of the false eyelashes and about three weeks after the realization, I actually remembered to buy a magnifying mirror while at the store.

Holy cannoli what a difference! I can see my eyelashes, the line where eyeliner should go, eyebrows up close, everything. My lashes are so thick and long, I don't even need the fake eyelashes, just a couple of coats of mascara. I can't stop looking at myself in mirrors in astonishment- who is that woman? All along it was because I can't see well that my makeup looked, just not good. So, yeah, my next purchase will be one that lights up! In other news, it turns out I am accepted as a Mom Ambassador. That is cool.

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