Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tuesday, light day squats only

I had not worked out at all since Friday and felt like a big slug. So, Tuesday evening I took a Spin class and then did squats. 1x10x air, 1x8x bar, 1x5x 65, 1x5x 85, 1x5x 105, 1x2x 115, 5x3x 115, 1x5x 105, 2x5x 95. Lots of squats, and I found one of my Spinning buddies doing some curly things with the small dumbbells and dragged her over to the Squat rack. She said Spinning wasn't changing her body enough. I showed her how to squat with the bar, and after a lot of playing around with getting into the correct position she did three sets of eight with the bar.

She is the third woman I have tried to show how to squat and so far none of them are comfortable going all the way down. Realizing just how weird it already is to be in the barbell section I encourage them to go a little lower each time and drive up with the butt.

The other thing that happened is, she saw the hack squat machine next to the squat rack (natch) and wanted to try it. I showed her how it works and pointed out that the machine will always be uncomfortable because the shoulder pads are too wide apart and that using the bar instead makes the exercise adjustable to one's own proportions. Which is all true.

It was fun having someone to chat with, but made my gym stay late, so I left after squats. Wednesday night I took Body Combat, which was really fun. People dis those Les Mills classes but I had a good sweaty time punching and kicking away. Then I took Coralette's body sculpt class with the heaviest weight I could find in there- don't laugh 18 lb bar, and 8 lb weights, but doing all those many reps did burn. I feel it today!

Today was Yoga this morning and rest, tomorrow I plan to take Body Combat again and lift, heavy day. Squat, bench, deadlift.


  1. Most people, male or female, are leery of going deep on squats - at least in the developed West, it's a natural human movement we've forgotten.

    I find you get better results if you start with goblet squats. If they can do at least 12 reps, whack a 12lb dumbbell in their hands. 12 reps of that, they'll more confidently squat the bar.

    As well, put the safeties in the rack and emphasise that should they not be able to get up, they can always lean forward and dump the bar - give them a demonstration of this.

    I'm usually happy if I can get them just doing goblet squats, though. You have to view it as a long-term thing. First month, goblet squats, second month, with a dumbbell, third month, a heavy dumbbell, fourth month, barbell - something like that. But even just goblet squats will have a great effect on them - they actually feel their butt for once.

  2. Good idea, I should watch some videos of goblet squats. Another thing that relates to what you said; none of them could feel their glutes working and all said it was in their thighs. I actually do show how to dump the bar on the safeties, it seems like one of the most reasonable first things to show someone.

  3. Dan John's video here outlines goblet squats well.