Friday, October 14, 2011

Wednesdays and Friday's lifting sessions

It has been a while since I blogged, but I have been lifting. Wednesday was one of those weird days, the outfit I was wearing was all wrong, the shorts kept wanting to fall down annoyingly so running (even walking) on the treadmill was an embarrasment. I gave that up after six minutes and intend to throw those shorts away, it was that bad. I went on to squats which were 1x10x air, 1x8x bar, 1x5x 65, 1x5x 85, 1x3x 105, 1x3x 115, 2x1 125, one attempt at 135, missed the lift, 1x1x 115, horrible form, felt heavy. 1x3x 95, 1x3x 95, 1x5x 95, ended the session.
Today was better, took a Spin class before lifting. Squats, 1x10x air, 1x8x bar, 1x3x 65, 1x3x 85, 1x3x 105, 1x3x 115, 2x2x 125, 1x1x 125, 2x3x 115, 3x3x 105, 2x5x 95. Good intensity and volume today. Overhead press were as crappy as usual, 1x5x 45, 1x5x 55, 3x3x 65. Heavy, struggling with the bar. Deadlift, 1x2x 135, three singles x 145, 1x2x 145. So, not bad.

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