Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It is a beautiful December day.

The sun is calling me to get out in it. Saturday's run was awful, hard and I stopped at three miles. I planned to do back extensions and overhead press the bar for reps, but I seriously thought I was going to throw up. I waited around for a while to see if it would pass but it didn't, so I went home. Coffee upsets my stomach sometimes so no more guzzling it before a session.
Today's lifts will be squats, overhead press, and deadllifts. Going for squats 3x3x 125, concentrating on keeping my whole body tight and strong. Overhead press 3x5x 60. Deadlifts 1x5x 135. So far my form has always broken down when I do a linear progression on deadliest, I don't know what to do other then keep resetting the lift.

Okay, here is how it went. Squats, 1x12x air, 1x10x bar (did a couple extra reps to warm-up as it was cold this morning), 1x5x 65, 1x5x 85, 1x5x 105, 1x3x 115, 3x3x 125- not sure if I wasn't cheating depth on the last one of each set, am going to repeat this next session and make sure they are deep and strong. Really setting my chest and torso hard helps the weight go up a LOT. Finished with 3x3x 115.

Overhead press 1x8x bar, 1x5x 55, 3x5x 60- made it! Next overhead press day, 62.5.

Deadlifts, I decided to do two sets of three instead of one set of five and completed them with ease. Next time, 1x3x 135, 1x3x 145.

Today is a running day, going for two .75 mile 5.2 mph intervals, total treadmill distance 4 miles.


  1. If you can't do more weight, do more reps. Even just 1 more rep.

    If you can't do more reps, do more sets, even just 1 more set of 1 rep.

    Today, 135lbs x5
    Tomorrow, 135lbs x6 OR 135lbs 5,1
    Day after, 135lbs x7 OR 6,1 OR 5,2

    any of those would be progress, and at some point you'll be able to do more weight.

  2. I remembered you saying that, so I did 2 sets of three reps deadlifting the 135 the next time. I am looking for my log of that session now, so yes, thanks!