Monday, December 19, 2011

volume squats, heavy overhead press and deadlift

Ate a ton of carbs today, hope this session absorbs them. Squats 1x 12x air, 1x 10x bar, 1x 5x 65, 1x 5x 85, 1x 5x 105, 5x 5x 115, not bad, getting better at keeping tight through the lift. Overhead press 1x 8x bar, 1x 5x 55, 2x 4x 62.5, 1x 3x 62.5, need to repeat this weight. Deadlift 1x3x 135, 1x3x 145, was tough to keep my back tight by now, do this weight again too. Finished with some active recovery, 2x 8x bar bicep curl, 2x 8x bar overhead press. And done.

Tomorrow is a long slow distance running day, 5.2 intervals, .75 mile, at least three of these. I hope my back feels good tomorrow, its a bit awkward now.

Weds (or thursday depending on the back situation) squats up to 3x3x 130. This is a lot for me, may end up as doubles, not planning to go to failure on these this day. Bench press 3x5x 85, still working on this, the spotters have not been great so far, too much helping. Power clean 5 x 3x 70.

Next day, speed day, 6.0 intervals of .25 miles, 1% incline. Working on getting this with the 4.0 interval break instead of half a lap at 3.0 to catch my breath and half at 4.0

Friday or Saturday, heavy squats, going for 135 lb doubles. Overhead press, repeat attempt of 3x 5x 62.5, Deadlifts 1x3x 135, 1x3x 145 unless the heavy squats wipe me out, will play this one by ear, may be light Romanian deadlift 3x5x 95.

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