Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Treadmill Tuesday

Today I did interval run/ walks on the treadmill for four miles/ 50 mins or so. Had terrible DOMS from the light oly lifting on Monday. Tonight will be a three classic lift day, squats work up to 5 x 3 x 115, bench, not sure, probably 3 x 5 x 85, deadlifts 3 x 3 x 135, 3 x 10 push-ups. Then treadmill or cardio class tomorrow, maybe 6am spin. Oly lifts again Friday, warm up with air and bar squats, front squats, 3 x 10 x squat presses, 3 x 10 x push-ups, 5 x 3 x work set power cleans, going for 80 lbs. That is the new plan, alternating light oly lifting with classic power lifts, no overhead press by itself as I'm doing them on the light day. Although power cleans are a full-body movement, I feel them the most in my shoulders and upper back, probably due to having a stronger lower body. Between lifting days will be cardio, some interval, some LSD.

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