Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Plans, plans

Last night, two Spin classes in a row. Unfortunately the first one had a substitute, the instructor i always avoid due to her screechy screaming voice. But, she snuck in late and i was already on a bike, ready to go. Then, further sneakiness, she started the class with a calm, normal sounding voice. Alas, it was not to continue. Two songs in, the high-pitched yelling began and never ended. I had such a headache from that. At least the second class was ok.
Tonight, squats, bench, deadlift. As I missed on squats and did something weird to my back again, i'm moving back to 135 and going for 4 x 4. I've decided chasing numbers in a certian time frame isn't as important as staying basically fit for now. Whatever is weak in my lower back needs to strengthen up. I'm also adding in hyperextensions to kelp address that.
I am still chasing numbers on bench press, looking for 5 x 5 x 95. Also plan to deadlift 2 x 3 x 180 in ramping sets.

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