Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Forgot to log the most notable part of yesterday's workout

As I was power-cleaning, parts of the barbell shot out of the side of it and the wide part that was holding the weights on that end suddenly extended outward. This caused a particularly ugly catch on my right shoulder. I picked up the parts and my hand was immediately covered in thick black grease. Oh great. Since I don't trust people there to remember anything, I went to a trainer, told him the story, walked him to the rack where the bar was and followed him to put it away with the greasy piece of barbell in my hand.

At this gym, there are two kinds of barbells, new shiny ones with razor bumps and smooth old bars. Guess which ones I like better? Yep, the older ones. So I grabbed another of the old bars and brought it to my rack, and it wasn't right either. Now, I have to hope and pray that they have the sense to fix and maintain the bars I like, rather than just ditch the old bars cuz the shiny ones are prettier. Oh God.

Also, my unpredictable period started and we are short on both protein and money, so I've put a half-scoop of protein powder in my oatmeal this morning, and my coffee at lunch. My insides feel unpleasant, could be from either or both. Tentative plan is to take 6:15 Spin class and visit my friend's pump class after. Heavy day tomorrow, so taking it easy tonight.

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