Monday, August 27, 2012


The whole weekend was derailed by Issac, and the actual storm that affected me so far has just been a little rain. Tomorrow, will be back in the gym for a light day. Front squats, overhead squats, clean and press, push-ups, all that goos stuff. I'm also bring running in for cardio in addition to Spinning, basically because I've become bored with Spinning again. There is also a lot of incidental stuff that needs to be done this week, oil change, returning items including the ONE wrist band that came in the package from Sports Authority which is the stupidest thing ever. Eyebrows need a touch-up too. Also, I cannot forget to get a strapless bra to wear with the awesome dress for Friday night's event. Need to give the cute little doggie his flea meds for the month. All of these thingas are in completely different directions from one another. At least my hair is done- no moe gray roots!

In other news, it's period time again!

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