Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I think I hate people

A month and a half ago or so a woman around my age posted on a strength forum that she wanted to get stronger using the the Starting Strength template and asking how it usually goes for older women. I sent her a private message advising her is can be rocky, not exactly linear and directed her here, to my blog. Hey, it isn't elegant but i tell the truth about what happens as an older woman lifting and training with barbells.

Well in her response she completely disregarded this long-tern lifting blog and then went on to post lots of the SAME frustrations that I experienced and blogged about. Now, she has noticed that she cannot do linear progression the same way yaoung dudes do.

Well duh! Here is your Christmas present. When you decide to write up a public log, and someone in the same age group as you offers up there experiences from the past two years, thank them and READ and LEARN. Merry Christmas.

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