Sunday, August 22, 2010

Makeup Remover Wars!

Running out of your favorite face cleanser is never a good thing, especially if you are like me and tend to get little white bumps on your skin (milia?) with lots of products. The one that doesn't do that is the Estee Lauder in the blue or pink tube. Luckily, it is Gift With Purchase time, and when your face soap in $20 for a tube of it, getting free stuff helps. So I ran over to Dillards to restock and included in the gift is Take It Away makeup remover. Just like cleanser, I've gone round and round looking for a good remover, even trying olive oil. The olive oil works but it's messy and got in my eyes so not ideal. It is also something I forget I need until late at night when an eyeful of water-proof mascara is heavy on the lashes and bugging me. So, finding the remover in the gift was awesome, and it is okay. Truly, the best I've used is Lancome's, it takes every bit of makeup off quickly and rinses completely clean. However, $23 for makeup remover? When they have GWP and I'm out of the Estee then it is on the list, unless someone has another suggestion.

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