Monday, August 2, 2010

Week two of lifting weights

Today I deadlifted and discovered that I am not very strong. I put 50 lbs on the barbell at first thinking that 95 lbs should be an easy lift, umm no, did that about two poorly formed times and went down in weights each set after that. The right side of my lower back feels like, hmm something is different here, but not too drastically bad. Here is hoping it stays that way or better, this evening I plan to take the late Spin class to rev up my circulation and also because it's been a while and the instructor is good. My other fav instructor teaches at 6am tomorrow so plan to take that one too and see how it goes as far as lifting. My biceps are feeling pumped today so tomorrow may be an off day as far as lifting goes. Another decision as far as the schedule goes, is instead of doing two weeks focusing on weights and two on cardio is now the plan calls for four weights focusing on weights and one on cardio. This is based on information I've read on muscle growth and the time it actually takes. Also, since I like cardio it isn't hard for me to want to do it on my off days or later in the day after lifting.

So, at the beginning of week 2 lifting, this wek and two more to go then cardio week- that will feel like a vacation! Look what I found on Youtube, ok now I have to get strong.

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