Monday, September 20, 2010

Beat but feeling good

No cardio today, trained squats, presses and power cleans. I added two sets of front squats with just the bar, focusing on form and getting way down there past parallel. Haven't added weight to the bar for the standing presses yet- looks good for next session though. Practicing cleans from the pull position with the bar, I added ten lbs for a set but it was sloppy as hell and as I'm still working on form I took the ten pounds off and did the next two sets of five with bar only. That is one sweat-inducing exercise! It is also an attention-getting one, so the people who don't like being chatted with at the gym may want to avoid it. I don't mind as long as the person isn't obnoxious (Lady from last week, that was you). My traps are feeling the most worn at the moment but not too bad. Had my fat-free chocolate milk, strawberries and can of tuna post workout meal, and am considering brewing a pot of coffee. Yum!

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