Friday, November 18, 2011

The gym didn't make me sick, it was my man!

But the throat thing seems to have gone away, which is good. Yesterday for the run I added some longer intervals at the slow jog pace (5.2 mph). So it went .25 mile warmup at 4.0, .25 mile at 5.2, .25 mile 4.0, .5 mile at 5.2, .25 mile at 4.0, .5 mile at 5.2, .25 mile at 4.0, .25 mile at 6.0, .25 mile at 4.0, cooldown. Now that I now I can jog for half a mile without keeling over dead, I will alternate LSD training with half-miles at 5.2 for the whole session, with fast quarter miles at 6.0 for the next session. Next time (Sunday) 4.0/ 6.0 for 3 miles.

I took a little break and went on to lifting, heavy day for squats. 1x 10x air, 1x 8x bar, 1x 5x 65, 1x 5x 85, 1x 3x 105, 1x 3x 115, 4x2x 125 (heavy sets, felt good) 2x 5x 115. For next time I haven't decided if I want to do as much as I can at 120, or just stay with the 125 and go for more reps there.

Overhead press still shitty 1x8x bar, 1x5x 55, 1x4x 65, 2x3x 65. Maybe I should do these first before squats. Romanian deadlifts, 1x8x bar, 1x5x 95, 1x5x 105. So here's the thing, do I work my upper body first because it is so weak and lagging, or do I continue to focus on lower body because those are the biggest muscle groups?

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  1. You do squats first because they warm up the whole body. As my guy who did 60kg x52 said, "after 40 reps you realise squats use every muscle in the body."

    Simply remember more, more, more. If you can't do more weight, do more reps. If you can't do more reps, do more sets. So okay, today you did a total of 10 reps of 65lbs - next time, do at least 11. Then 12, and so on. Even if it takes you an hour.

    If you can do 30 reps total you will certainly be able to do 3 sets of 5, and after that go up in weight.

    Grind 'em out. Your programming has been a bit random, this is why you're stalling.