Friday, November 11, 2011

Trying to get motivated

This day has been dragging on so slowly- ugh! The powerlifter link in Kyle's comment on the blog entry below this is inspiring, love watching a small woman squat 225. Maybe finding more clips of athletic people will have me more stoked about getting in the gym tonight. Taking Spinning for entertainment yesterday didn't work, I was bored halfway through. The instructor is down to earth and funny, but I think she has us move our arms around to all the different bike handle positions in an effort to keep the class engrossing, but instead I find that a distraction from the activity. Yes, this post is full of complaints, no?
It is a beautiful sunny day outside too, which makes me miss living close to a great park with waterfalls and hiking trails. When I first moved there I would only go on the main path and with someone else. Later, alone seemed acceptable, then I got brave and started taking the trails. By the time I had been there a few months I was completely off-trail, using the creekbed as the guide. I miss that park.

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