Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Is the gym making me sick?

How did you like that Carrie Bradshaw opening? It is strange, I had a great workout but now at home my throat is bothering me again. Ah well, it isn't bad. I did the run/walk intervals at 4.0, 5.2, 4.0, 6.0 and so on for three miles.
Squats were 1x10x air, 1x8x bar, 1x5x 65, 1x5x 85, 1x5x 105, 3x5x 115, good work sets, 3x5x 95, easy back offs. Happy with those will have an intensity day next time, going up until failure.
Benchpress 1x8x bar, 1x5x 65, 3x3x 85 (was supposed to be 5x3 but hasn't happened yet), 3x5x 75. Deadlifts 1x2x 135, 2x2x 145, fucked up form and hitched the fifth one, so did it over. 20 back extensions mostly for the stretch and home for food.

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