Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Run run run away

Went to the gym earlier in the day then usual, 11am. Treadmill work 4.0 .25, 5.2 .25, 4.0 .25, 5.2 .50, 4.0 .25, 5.2 .50, 3.0 .25, 5.2 .50, 4.0 .25, heartrate still high so 3.0 .25, then 5.2 .25, 4.0 .25, 3.0 cooldown. Its tougher in the beginning, the middle is good, and then when I was cooled down I couldn't resist throwing another quarter-mile at 5.2 in there. That is where my cardio-bunny past creeps up. It's amazing how sport-specific exercise is. One could be the Spinning queen but running will break you, and vice-versa. I get where Crossfit is coming from by throwing all of the above at you, but also understand how fit people end up with rhabdo. It's easy to assume that because you are great at A and B exercise that you can also do C and D okay, but the truth is if you are genetically average you have to train for what it is you want to do.
Which brings me to skiing, which is what I really love. I am starting saving now to take a month off to ski next year. Yeah buddy!

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