Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Freaking ravenous today

The online strength community repeatedly says, eat more on training days. I must be Bizarro because it is the day after training that I want to eat everyting in or out of sight. It's 2:44pm, I've had enough food for a whole day and could easliy continue to chow down if I didn't have Yoga to go to in an hour. After training last night I had a three-egg omelet with cheese and guacamole on top. However, I then woke up at 3am so hungry I had a can of somewhat disgusting chicken and Italian vegetable Campbell soup. Apparently Italian vegetables are soggy peas and mushy potato chunks. Make that half a can, I dumped the rest down the sink. Plus two teaspoons of hummus. 7:30am I had made a packet of oatmeal w/ a tablespoon of peanut butter and teaspoon of honey before taking the crazy little dog to the groomers.

Then I had black bean soup with some brie melted in it. After retrieving dog, had a big tuna sandwich. That is four meals today so far! I should look back to see when I started complaining of PMS last month. Found it PMS, aka Belly of Doom. That was the 15th and today is the 13th so I suppose its right on time.

Good news, my Christmas present should be coming tomorrow! It was ordered online by me so I can't wait to check it out and hope it will be a good one. I'm all about making life easier on my man. He is good about choosing presents but I saw this and wanted it so what the hell.

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