Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Experimenting with new things

First off, fasted morning cardio. Lots of people with great bodies swear by it, I'm not concentrating on gaining max strength right now while watching my nutrition so what the heck. Two days down so far and it hasn't killed me, just made my legs a bit stiff after squats and what-not lifting last night. Will I keep it up for a month to see what comes of it? Stay tuned. Next up, finding some food replacements. I commented on my cheese addiction in the last blog post. Sometimes, I'm in a hurry and want to make something quick like beans or soup, but beans are plain and soup doesn't satiate me for long without adding something to it, and my go-to until now has been yummy cheese.

Dietary fat isn't something I'm worried about right now. After tracking I see that its the carbs to fat ratio that is off and total calories are important too. So, instead of cheese in soup I made a couple of eggs, whites white but yolks runny and breakable into the soup. That was heavenly. Success! Next stop, beans. At the store I picked up brown mustard and dill relish with the intention of adding that to my tuna instead of evil evil (and expensive) mayonnaise. Since it was morning and I was feeling carby, I added a good dallop of the mustard to my beans and heated it up. Also good, and flavorful enough that I didn't miss the cheese. Oh yeah. That got me brave enough to substitute evil but beloved mayo out for mustard and relish in the lunch tuna- and I liked that too!

Wouldn't it be nice to just change some fatty habits in an enjoyable way to improve my lifestyle, kind of like going from a sedentary person to a gym rat was. Feeling positive right now.

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