Friday, March 8, 2013

Feeling better

After being sick and etc all week, feeling okay today is such a relief, I was, all systems go! 6am yoga was kind of weird, it actually felt easy but also like i wasn't really present in the movements at the same time. Plow position was just the thing to release the lower back. My body sent me back to bed in the afternoon for some more rest and a bizarre daja-vu dream. Tomorrow is squat day, I'm looking for 3 x 5 x 125 low-bar back squats and 70lb overhead squats. So, lifting and yoga, its probably too soon to add cardio to that in one long session. Reveiwing calories for the week and it hasn't been that bad and my average protein intake has been over 100 grams a day, so cool. It is only 530 pm so I have time to do some damage, but I really want this squat day to go well. I need to work all weenend too to make up for not bringing in income this week. There is a fun-sounding ball on Saturday night I've been invited to, but will pass. I'm too shaky for a night out just yet. Right now my priorities need to be fitness and financial over socializing.

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