Thursday, March 7, 2013


I am 45, going to be 46 in a couple of months, and my body is driving me crazy! Granted, I'm still getting used to tracking my food intake. Funny how such a minor change has me internally pouting and stamping my feet. I don't wanna! But, I know that the last time fat effectively peeled off of me was due to keeping track of what goes in my mouth. So there have been internal arguments without even getting to the part where I restrict calories yet! The main goal at the moment is to get enough protein grams and keep alcohol intake low enough that it doesn't look like a whole food-group on the pie chart of my foods.

Just in time for this, my female parts have decided to become completely unpredictable, climbing the walls with sexual desire one week, then a sudden deluge period for one- or two! fucking weeks, sometimes both happening at once. Cramps, bloating, headaches, you name it. This also tends to be when I catch sloppy colds too. See why I haven't been posting? Who wants to read a litany of complaints.


Coping. I went online to make sure that expelling the Red Sea wasn't killing me, yes I am aware i could have gone to a doctor, waited all day in an uncomfortable office after filling out my life's story, then waited more while naked except for a paper gown on an even more uncomfortable examining table, but since I feel okay considering I decided to go online instead. Found out that it's called 'flooding' and it happens.

So I've been chowing down on fresh fruit and veggies, usually I make spinach juice in a blender and gulp it down for ease. I'm also making a point to eat more red meat for iron. When I feel too much like shit to do everything, yoga, cardio, lift weights, I choose lifting weights as my priority, yoga or just rest for rest days. This week has been a double-whammy week, cold and period. I've done squat day on Tuesday, bench-press and other upper-body lifts on Wednesday, and am going in to deadlift today. The hopeful goal is doubles at 185 lbs. Had rounded back pulls on this last time, so if it feels rounded on singles, singles it will be.

As far as the body recomp has gone, I don't have really high hopes for this week on the scale, however the upper-body day seems to be making a difference. My chest and shoulders look more defined, kind of more muscular yet slimmer at the same time. So that is good.

Back from the gym, pretty weak. One deadlift at 185, could barely get it up, 3 singles at 175, 3 x 3 x 155, 2 x 5 x 135 and out.

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