Thursday, March 21, 2013

Fasted AM cardio

So far so good, the cats woke me up early enough that I made it to 6am Spin class, which is extra good because my feet were feeling beat up last night from yesterday's treadmill intervals and deadlifts. I had planned to row and use the elliptical but this was better, good music at least. Also, I can see a difference in the body! Granted, it is the top half of me- of course! But, losing fat from the top down is a lot more interesting when there is visible muscle structure underneath a lesser layer of fat. I deadlifted last night, and realized I skipped 180lbs completelyin the previous progression, so did that as my top weight, and I bet I can do that for decent doubles next time. Tonight is a bench press and accessory night, but its been since Monday that I squatted, so I'll start with back squats and then do the pressing. My messed-up hand responded well to incline bench press last time so I may stick with that for now.

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