Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday at the gym

Possibly! One thing I dislike about Sundays are the shortened gym hours. I understand them, as a former retail employee having to work weekends sucks. As a person who likes to train on a consistent schedule, hours between 1 and 6pm are about as inconvenient as you can get. In other words, I never really know until then if I can go becuase there is so much time for something else to pop up.

Good news! I got out of bed on my own and have been walking around, albeit grumpily, all morning in no pain, just a little stiffness. The cold seems to be on its last legs too. Maybe having the strength drained out of me turned out to be a positive thing in that regard, as I simply had to collapse in bed rather than fight it and continue on normal weekend activities.

It is a shame I couldn't make it to the ball as I had a fabulous outfit that really shows off my lower half and height but it is an annual event and there will be other art-y charity things to do. The funeral was nice, C's stepmom was a lovely lady who worked hard and was having enough health issues towards the end that resting will be a relief. We went out to dinner afterward, and amid the table ordering new-Americana food was me ordering a huge rare burger. It was expensive enough for me to trust the meat, big and yummy. When we got home I just sank into bed, after tracking it online of course.

If I train today at the gym it will be bench press day, have I mentioned how much I like this split? Being able to focus on one big lift per session with accessory of whatever Oly lifts go with it is a lot more fun and less stressful than doing all three per session. I'm not giving up at all, I'm evolving and always strive to do more than was done in the previous session, even if its on accessory stuff. I like being able to actually see pec movement in my upper body. One the other hand I could decide to hang out with my neice today, to work or to tackle the looming pile of laundry in the garage. If so, then the plan is 6am yoga, lift, spin class for Monday.

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