Friday, January 20, 2012

It was a grind

Last night, Squats 1 x 12 x air, 1 x 10 x bar, 1 x 5 x 65, 1 x 5 x 85, 1 x 5 x 105, 1 x 5 x 115, 4 x 3 x 125, the five rep sets didn't happen, then 1 x 2 x 125 failed on the third rep. Got a guy to put the loaded bar back up on the pins, this was kind of weird, he was lifting with a woman and I tried to smile or say hi to her a couple of times and got the invisible/ listening to earbuds brush-off so oh well. I hope she realizes that moving a bar doesn't equal flirting.
So, I was going to make that 15th rep and did get 1 x 2 x 125. 16 reps at least. Then 1 x 5 x 115.
Overhead press 1 x 8 x bar, 1 x 5 x 55, 1 x 4 x 62.5, 2 x 3 x 62.5. Do-over next time! My right lat is still bugging me, and it hurt just lying down on the bench. I modified bench to 1 x 20 x bar, this warmed it up and felt better. Then 3 x 10 x 65.
I really really did not want to do power cleans, but had plenty of time before the gym closed and did them anyway. 1 x 5 x bar, 1 x 5 x 65, 5 x 3 x 75! PR The cue to get my hips into it helped immensely, even sloppy reps aren't that bad anymore and less likely to hit myself in the face, also seems to make my elbows fly up faster without even thinking about that. Power cleans were the most fun part of the session!

This morning I'm pretty damn creaky, it's a running day. I wish there was a good yoga class available at the gym but Friday isn't a day for that. Will update after running.

I opened my eyes to a bright sunny day. When I left the house it started going downhill. I brought everything I needed to the gym today so i could go straight from there to do several errands. Everything, except I forgot that on Weds night I went out to dinner and transferred my cash, ID and main debit card to a little cocktail clutch, so when I got to the gym I couldn't buy a water and now had to go home anyway to get money.

After running, I hopped in my truck to see the yellow 'Maintenance needed" light come on, and not go off. This was distressing, but when I got home things were worse. It is garbage day today, and this time a third of the garbage missed the truck, and, unbagged (oh how I hate you non-bagging neighbors) was scattered all over the end of my driveway.
This was the last fucking thing I wanted to deal with, but avoiding it increased the chances of bugs, or, God forbid, rats. I found some latex gloves and headed out to pick it up, where i found the remains of someones chicken wing dinner among other gross food garbage.

White whine alert: Now, I'm sitting in my rather untidy house with overgrown hair that needs a color jobs and an old pedicure that needs to be redone, and frankly I'm not sure I have the balls to go outside again. It's minor shit, I know.

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