Sunday, October 3, 2010

Delayed onset muscle soreness, in other words; Ouch!

My traps are feeling it today! The soreness isn't unbearable or even complicating freedom of movement, it's more of a vague stiffness and wanting to be rubbed. The wrists are feeling it too. The good news is that at the farmer's market today I carried many full bags of veggies with no problem at all, in spite of the offer to have then carried for me. This got me thinking about physical weakness. Today, the Disney Princesses are huge business and a cultural staple. When I was a child (the Medieval Times) it wasn't, however with the help of many early fairy-tales and a doting mom, I was the Princess. It even was my childhood nickname, as my sisters tease me about even now. Absorbing and embodying many stereotypical attributes of femininity; one of my most upsetting moments as a little girl was someone informing me that the name Terry could also be a boy's name. The horror! I immediately forbade anyone from referring to me in that way for, oh 40 years or so.

These notions of feminine gestures and movement are ingrained deeply in me, and others respond to them as well. The men I date and who are attracted to me are the type who open doors for me everywhere, carry the bags, work in the yard, the whole thing and I always accepted that as normal. I still like it and feel those behaviors show respect for the difference in gender and just make the day nicer but I wonder if I would be a stronger person today if things had been different way back when.

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