Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dizzy after training today

So I had it all figured out, my squat stalled because I needed more recovery time. Then I read more stuff (Damm that reading!) and came across a blog that said women need less recovery time then men. That, combined with being less then thrilled about the pilates/Spin class plans for tonight led to barbell training a day ahead of time instead. Since squats are a sticking point, the new plan is to practice the hell out of them and do my best while keeping it low and good form. Presses were light today too, just 50 lbs, then followed them with Romanian deadlifts at 95 lbs. Had a twingy back so okay with that weight for now. Power cleans wrapped it up at 55 lbs and a set on those inverted back things (sorry brain stall). Sounds like an easy day but I was drained and dizzy after, needed to take a seat for a few minutes before hopping in the shower and still feeling Gumby-ish. Also I broke a nail but that's fine, am cutting them all down to prepare for the hiking trip in the mountains next week- WHOO Hoo!

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