Thursday, October 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Heidi!

After checking out the stats showing where my blog views come from, I was happily surprised to see a lot of other countries, Poland, Iran, Latvia and others. So hey if any of you are also blogging shoot me a comment so I can check out your blogs too, it doesn't have to be a nice comment ( but that will help its chances to be published haha). Thank-you all for taking a peek.
Now, onto Project Runway. Why oh why are they allowing Gretchen's awful and weird Chico's style clothes a show and rejecting Michael Costello's awesome Copper Cher Collection? So, part of the finale I can't wait for, sort of, is going to be wasted on her lame-ass old-lady hippie stuff. I've been watching this show since the beginning and it never fails to disappoint. At least Heidi Klum finally pushed those hideous bangs to the side and hey, there is a gorgeous woman under there!
In workout news, had a good one, Pilates was first. It reminds me a lot of yoga but not as challenging. There is soft music and the instructor leads you into positions that get difficult quickly but somehow it just seems easier then yoga did. Maybe its the lack of positions on the wrists. Anyway, got abs done there and took Spin after. Coming home to my peaceful house and some wine was wonderful. Good night all!

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