Friday, October 8, 2010

Don't take the interval treadmill class away!

Damn, attendance is spotty at the HIIT running class on Fridays and there is talk of changing it to an Ultimate Challenge class. Ultimate Challenge classes are a combo of HIIT and circuit training, sort of a Crossfit Lite thing, and they are good. Someone of average fitness could take them three times a week and add in a couple of steady cardio sessions and improve their fitness a lot. However, not me. Full sessions devoted to lifting and full separate sessions for cardio work better. Barbell full-body training and recovering from it is enough strength training and that interval class is a perfect added exercise for variety and cardio. So I voiced my opinion to the instructor and her boss and one rather loud-mouthed other instructor and going to hope for the best. In the short-term it isn't a big deal, the weather should be nice until June for steady-state cardio outside and I can take Spinning for variety too but those interval classes are kick-ass.

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