Wednesday, October 20, 2010

So freaking close!

Being a delicate flower, checking out my weight regularly does too much to my mood for the day so there was a need to keep an eye on progress in a less emotionally loaded way. Thus the 'fit shorts'. Three months ago I came across a forgotten pair of Old Navy shorts in a drawer, the kind one wears to wash the car or run to the grocery store, nothing great. As my plans for that moment were nothing great, I pulled them on. Tugged them on actually and to my horror once they were up, strangling my thighs and ass, the button and buttonhole were a good three inches away from each other. That is when this blog changed it's focus from marketing and consumer stuff to fat.
Its been three months, and the shorts are just shy of fitting perfectly, in fact a lot of people would wear them the way they fit now but I demand total comfort from knockabout clothes so when they are loose enough they will be accepted back into rotation. I'm sure to have something else around here that is tight to become the new 'fit shorts'.
Yesterdays workout has me a bit sore and creaky, my wrists did not feel good last evening but are okay now. I hope the stress on them is causing increased strength. Some kind of cardio is in store tonight.

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