Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Great light day workout

Taking away heavy squats on Wednesdays was the best idea I've had as far as training goes. Zumba was a fun warm-up, then into the weight room for jump squats. Three sets of eight bar jump squats. Next week will be three sets of ten. Also- a man brought his college age son over to me to show him how to do a proper squat. Is that the best compliment ever or what?? I was floored and happy and trying to be cool about it. Benched 65 lbs 3sets of five. Overhead press was 3 sets of FOUR at 55 lbs. So do-over at that weight next week. Hang curls was 4 sets of five at 65 lbs, good for an increase in weight to 70 lbs next week. Wonderful, long lasting exercise high after this one. Eating protein, avoiding the vino tonight.

Next day- wow can you say soreness? It's the good kind so I went out and bought some milk, chicken breasts and an easel. I'm having an urge to start painting. I have no ida how to start, but have been slowly amassing materials, two blank canvasses, the basic colors of paint, several brushes and now a rather large standing easel in the corner of my room.

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