Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Looking ahead

I behaved myself last night and did not go out or have wine with dinner. Today I'm taking an advanced Spin class and that's it. Tomorrow I will take Zumba at 9am then lift, working glutes and hamstrings with back extensions and bar-only jump squats, 3 sets of 8. Then, bench press, overhead press (60-65 lbs) and hang cleans also 60-65 lbs. It is a technique, strenghten weak spots and upper body day. I love how my upper body/lower body priorities are exactly opposite of 99 percent of guys. That reminds me of something I read in a forum the other day.

Pear-shaped women were complaining that it takes forever to get rid of cellulite on their hips and asses, while the hipless and more straight up and down types (which I am a part of, from the front anyway, so excepting boobs and the sticking out ass) said shut-up you get abs so much faster. Then, one of the straighter body type women asked how she could look curvier. A bodybuilding coach, female, advised her that the only way was to build her shoulders across to make the waist appear smaller.

Huh? By straight up and down, I mean a shape that does go in at the waist, and where it goes back out again at the top of the hipbone, the shape then goes straight down, rather than having the pads of fat over the hips which create the sexy hourglass shape.Our fat pad is usually just below the belly-button in front, thus the complaining about abs. That advice isn't going to do a thing for her lack of noticeable hips, and will only make a less traditionally female shaped woman appear broad-shouldered and manly.

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